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On the final day of Mozcon 2012 the great presentations continued. Joanna Lord from SEOMoz shared some great insights about how CRO is changing and how we need to adapt as marketers. Here are some of my notes from her presentation: Testing can take a lot of time and a lot of resources, which we don’t have a lot of time for.

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I’ve been a follower of Moz (formerly SEOMoz) for quite some time now.

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Previous Days: MozCon 2012 Day One Recap & MozCon 2012 Day Two Recap. Other Live Blogging Sessions and Recaps I’m Aware Of: @RuthBurr, SEOMoz’s inhouse SEO, has some excellent tweets coming out fast and furious from each post, definitely worth following her to get some quicker updates since wi-fi takes awhile to get updates out.

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Home / Blog / Howdy Mozcon 2013! I visit Seattle to see what it’s all about I visit Seattle to see what it’s all about Posted on: Jul 22nd 2013 By Martin Woods I’m an International SEO Consultant from Leeds in the United Kingdom.

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MozCon 2013 MozCon Recap 1. The first weeks back from holidays are always the hardest! Between catching up on work (and there was lots of that), catching up on sleep (my flight was 2.5 hours late on Sunday, which meant I did not get home until 4:30 am Monday) and catching my breath – this week has been a very hectic one!.

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