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peers in the casino industry who advocate a Randian view of free will, and game designers who repeatedly claim that users can easily distinguish fact from fiction, gamification shows us a more nuanced view. Games are the most powerful source of non-coercive influence in the world, and are frequently designed with mild addiction and extreme flow.

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Because of gamification, Autodesk experienced a 40% increase in participation in a free trial for one of its products. This presentation from B2B Summit 2012 featured Dawn Wolfe, Senior Marketing Manager, and Andy Mott, both from Autodesk, as they discussed how they took a gamification approach to their in-trial marketing efforts.

In 2011. The key points in 2011 for the progress of Gamification were: Gamification summit was held in San Francisco for the 1 st time which attracted over 400 attendees. Oxford dictionary added Gamification to its ‘word of the year shortlist’. Corporate Gamification took off with a boom.

Fukuoka | Japan.

Fukuoka | Japan

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