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Queen of Compost: Dr. Elaine Ingham From turning compost, to butting heads with biotech, to bringing the microscope to the masses, Dr. Ingham's goal is the same: Protect and nurture soil life. Dr. Elaine Ingham joined the Rodale Institute as chief scientist earlier this year and is getting ready to lead her second class on the farm about the.

The Soil Foodweb approach, pioneered by Dr. Elaine Ingham has allowed thousands of farmers, land managers, landowners, ranchers, and landscapers to restore highly functional, fertile soil. Elaine's clients have been able to replace costly, toxic chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers with inexpensive compost solutions that can be made on site.

Scientist David C. Johnson Explores Microbial Communities, Carbon Sequestration and Compost. David C. Johnson’s experimental findings and openness to new insights have turned him into a champion of microbial diversity as the key to regenerating soil carbon — and thus to boosting agricultural productivity and removing excess atmospheric CO 2.His research, begun only a decade ago, affirms.

185: Elaine Ingham on Life in the Soil. Examining the biology of healthy soil to improve plant growth. – – – – Dr. Elaine Ingham is the Founder, President and Director of Research for Soil Foodweb Inc., a business that grew out of her Oregon State University research program.

Bokashi Composting—What is it? From Bokashicomposting.com we have the following description; “Bokashi composting is a safe, convenient, and quick way to compost food waste in your kitchen, garage, or apartment.”. To get started you need a special bokashi bucket that has a tight lid, and a spigot at the bottom to drain off liquids (pictured above).

Dr. Elaine Ingham leads this very special class training people to use simple, but effective, shadowing light microscope methods to identify soil biology. Learn from the master herself about what constitutes good compost and compost tea based on microscope assessment.

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Dr. Elaine Ingham   Compost Tea Audio The Soil Biology Primer is an introduction to the living components of soil and how they contribute to agricultural product Dr. Elaine Ingham About Contact Dr. Elaine Ingham About Contact

Soil Bacteria and Dr. Elaine Ingham. Dr. Elaine Ingham has become synonymous with the Soil Food Web. Her teachings include many good ideas about keeping soil healthy.

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