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Special Free Webinar: How Novelists Can Target Genre for Big Sales without Selling Out SIGN UP HERE FOR YOUR REPLAY In this webinar, C. S. Lakin looked at how to target genre for big sales.

The central process is a version of Durkheim’s division of labor thesis, which we could re-formulate in cultural sociological terms as DiMaggio’s “proposition C-6”: “the more differentiated the system of genre classification, the less universal.”

They are also Honolulu’s first FM station in this genre to target young adults of Hawaiian/Pacific Islander descent with a hit format that consists of.

Maxi Priest, Big Mountain, Magic! and others. With those ingredients, KCCN has become one of Honolulu’s top-rated radio stations.

Cox Radio, Inc. announced the sale of KCCN-FM and 22.

SPA 60: Genre Targeting for Authors Today the goodly gents discuss genres with C.S. Lakin . She’s a hugely successful author in different genres, both fiction and nonfiction, and she has some amazing insights into the all-too-important task of choosing a great genre for your books.

C. S. Lakin – Targeting Genre for Big Sales Want to nail your genre to ensure the best path to success with your novels? Get HALF OFF Lakin's popular Targeting Genre for Big Sales online video course by clicking THIS LINK (good until the end of 2018).

What marketing avenues would you recommend for authors who aren’t big fans of marketing? How have your audiobook sales done for your different series? Does releasing a new audiobook for a backlist book help boost sales? What’s going on if you’re struggling to get impressions and clicks are expensive for.

The first U.S. magazine to achieve circulation of more than one million was. true.

In 2014, which genre enjoyed the most album sales? true.

USPS postal rates are one equalizing factor between big magazine publishers and smaller publishers. true.

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Watch video · Perhaps there’s a new software product called InstaScript that’s selling big in Hollywood. To make this movie, simply feed in keywords like teenager, high school, prom, and booze. Then ensure character choices include two females: one rich and self-indulgent, one attractive but rejected.

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Aug 17, 2011  · The big label bands get little or nothing from an album sale, and the indies are the most likely to embrace infinite distribution, so it’s only a small section of the industry hurt by piracy.

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