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Six Easy Ways to Write a Strong Sales Letter Lead. December 30, 2015 December 23, 2014 by Jerry Bures.

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by master copywriters Michael Masterson and John Forde in their breakthrough book—the only of one its kind—called Great Leads.

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Writing Great Leads - John Forde Intro “Odd Signals” –Inside Story of China’s Search for Alien Life – Within the platform, a complex mirror system brings them into focus.

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23 Dec Six Easy Ways to Write a Strong Sales Letter Lead Michael Masterson and John Forde in their breakthrough book—the only of one its kind—called Great Leads – The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message. Since its. Great Leads: the Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message by Michael by Michael Masterson John Forde.

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Meandering the Mesquite: Angie Dickinson’s ode to age, independence and loving life – He got even by writing an ending.

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This book is a great start for getting that piece of the puzzle right. He presents 6 Different types of leads (Offer, Promise, Pain/Solution, Mystery, Proclamation, Story) with great examples. I’ve been using this as my bible to practice writing headlines and offers and I would recommend it to any budding copywriter looking to do the same.

By John Joseph. on Aug/04/16.

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John Forde (along with dozens of other master copywriters) will be sharing more secrets to writing blockbuster controls at the AWAI Fast Track to Success Bootcamp & Jobfair.

If you want to remember how to write a catchy lead, just make a note of this quote: “Move the monkeys to the top.” That’s the advice Travel Editor, Kyle Wagner, gave one of our participants in Seoul, South Korea earlier this month when we were traveling with her on a writing expedition.

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John Forde's 15-year career as a top copywriter started as an understudy of Bill Bonner and Michael Masterson. Since then, John has written countless winning controls, has generated well over $30 million in sales, and has successfully launched dozens of products.