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Meditation Mastery & OmHarmonics was created out of the need of a modern day alternative to traditional meditation audios. Vishen Lakhiani is a technology entrepreneur and engineer and is the founder of Mindvalley, the world’s fastest personal growth company, and is one of the biggest promoters of meditation in the world today.

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Watch a Free Mindvalley Masterclass. Every 2 Weeks we release a free 60 to 90 minute Masterclass where a Mindvalley teacher goes deep into a powerful transformational idea. Classes are free to attend. Watch to connect with great teachers and learn about upcoming Quests.

The key skill that helped Vishen to build Mindvalley is communication. It helped him to deliver a message and inspire people to follow his vision. That is the skill that Lisa Nichols is now teaching on Mindvalley Academy.

Consciousness Engineering was the perfect product for me. I.

Adjunct Instructor at Connecticut Fire Academy.

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Mindvalley is a lifestyle community dedicated to help you live an extraordinary life. Find articles, interviews, talks and other content to level up your mind, health, impact, relationships, and performance.

From money to happiness, time management to personal potential, the accepted 'rules of success' are woefully out of date. Vishen Lakhiani, founder and CEO of Mindvalley.com, has a solution: a revolutionary new method called Consciousness Engineering that upgrades your beliefs and shows how to create new habits for a better approach to work, love, money, health, and life.

You will learn how to apply unique models like consciousness engineering to help you learn and grow at speeds like never before. You will learn to make a dent in the universe and discover your quest. Once you discover the code, you will question your limits and realize that there are none.

Episode 061-  Vishen Lakhiani - The Code of the Extraordinary Mind Jeffrey Allen is a spiritual teacher, energy healer, and author on Mindvalley Academy. An engineer by trade and energy healer at heart, Jeffrey helps people use their intellect with intuition to boost confidence, improve relationships, find meaning & purpose, and manifest the life of their dreams.