Michelle Schubnel – List Building Secrets For Coaches Torrent

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Michelle Schubnel. I am so excited! My friend and colleague Michelle Schubnel, owner and CEO of Coach and Grow R.I.C.H. is doing her normal 1 day in-person workshop as a 8 week program by teleclass!.

where she gave some great tips on getting clients, growing your business and what to do given the current economy (feel free to listen to the.

The Secret To Designing An Irresistible Group Coaching Program IT Certification Forum.

of the world’s master teachers on honoring and serving women in ONE powerful virtual training course to teach you their secrets on attracting and inspiring women! I specifically chose these teachers (you’ll notice they’re both men AND women) because they’ve made MILLIONS serving women at the highest level.

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As soon as I realized the results I was getting from my Facebook Advertising were not your average results, I decided I had to share my secret methods with a small group of students. So I sold the program to my personal email list and from the stage during the Marketing Mayhem event in San Diego as a 6-week live coaching offer for $997 per student.

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