May Clayton Makepeace’s – Quick-start Copywriting System By Katie Yeakle

May Clayton Makepeace’s – Quick-start Copywriting System By Katie Yeakle 4.5 out of 5 based on 65 ratings.

This is my list of the copywriters and copywriting resources available anywhere on the internet.

It’s seems a lot of his courses are now unavailable but his Quick-Start Copywriting System is still for sale here. Drayton Bird.

Katie Yeakle & Paul Hollingshead. Don, Katie and Paul are the co-founders AWAI.

Episode 106 - Clayton Makepeace After all, the Quick-Start Copywriting System is the only place you’ll find the exact copywriting secrets and strategies Clayton’s used to generate nearly $1.5 billion in sales for his clients, and as much as $1.4 million per month in royalties for himself.

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