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ALBERT LEONARDO. Yang saya ingat dari Leonardo adalah bahwa dia berhasil mendapatkan omset 5,2 MILYAR hanya dalam waktu 1 bulan. Dan hanya dari jualan kaos !!! Amazing kan yaaa.

Beliau saat itu lebih terkenal di luar negeri sebenernya, baru setelah sukses dengan kaos Pi Day nya dan membuat course barengan sama Matt Schmitt bernama Piscaled.

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Matt Schmitt, Albert Leonardo – PiScaled download, Discover the Proven System For Scaling Your Ad Campaigns to Their Maximum Potential

PiScaled – Matt’s wildly popular course on selling t-shirts. AI Targeting System – Matt’s online course on using Facebook ads to scale all sorts of campaigns, from t-shirts to your eCommerce stores. Slack – A free online chat tool for teams. Also a great platform to run a private membership group.

Matt Schmitt, Albert Leonardo – PiScaled Download Torrent Think of the contracts you lost just in the last twelve months alone – you know, the ones you really could have won. How much do they add up to – tens of thousands or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars?

★Tất cả các khoá học này đều có giá trị siêu rẻ và full đầy đủ và chi tiết như khoá học thật dưới dạng video, các tut,

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Name Product: Matt Schmitt, Albert Leonardo – PiScaled Sale Page: _ Price: $147 Here’s What This Course Is All About: – Chapter 1.

Pi Scaled by Albert Leonardo – Best Tee campaign Formula that Success to Sell 20,025 T-shirts sold within 62 days, Total revenue $345,128, Total costs $130.519, and Total profit $223.609.

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