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"The only way to stop the Flood is to starve them to death." — Cortana to John 117 and 343 Guilty Spark. Although the first firing of the Halo Array starved the Flood that were at large in the Milky Way Galaxy, Flood specimens were kept in stasis within installations around the galaxy, including Installation 04 and various Forerunner research facilities.

Profitable Trading Made Simple - Super Simple Spreads OR, if you are looking for more strategies to trade in addition to your complex spreads, then John Locke’s Super Simple Spreads can help you diversify your strategies without taking a lot more time to manage. John Locke Trades These Strategies Live. John trades Super Simple Spreads in addition to more complex strategies that he manages for.

How a proper management strategy can dramatically improve your probabilities of success over time John Locke give you multiple trading plans in one course Learn Super Simple Spreads Including: The Bull – Everything you love about high probability premium selling plus everything you need to know to keep from blowing up your account.

I only bring a simple observation to the table. I am decidedly stupid when it comes to this subject, so nothing of technical value from me is possible.

The Bear – A super simple spread trade that has an excellent risk:reward ratio, provides income in many market conditions, and particularly does well in a bearish trend. The Bull vs. Bear – A strategic combination of the first two Super Simple Spreads.

Description. The Super Simple Spread Trades by John Locke. Sale Page : lockeinyoursuccess File of Products : This program was created by.

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Andrew Falde recently interviewed John Locke regarding Super Simple Spreads and his rise to top Options Trader. Listen to the podcast for some great information. Click here for a brief introduction video to the program by Seth Freudberg, Director of the SMB Options Trading Desk.