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The HTC One is a dazzling behemoth of metal and glass, with an all-aluminium back. If its 4.7in display is just too big for you, thereâ  s the HTC One Mini which isnâ  t quite as high-end but still impressive and more manageable with its 4.3in screen. HTC promised that new blue versions of both One phones will be out soon.

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For decades, newscasts — at both the local and national level — have had an anchor or anchors sitting behind a desk and reading news stories.The half-hour “VICE News Tonight” does away with that tried-and-true formula in an attempt to create what it calls “the first modern news show,” offering a variety of presentation styles and storytelling capabilities intended to resonate with.

What do you do for a living? acne prescription accutane other than Williamsburg's 11-day Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel — a street fair that is a taste of old-world Brooklyn, if not the old country — got under way Wednesday night with the usual sausage, games and dozens of hulking guys preparing to hoist the sacred.